Hearing Aids

At Arnold Hearing Centres, our team of experts will help you select the perfect hearing aid for your needs, comfort, and budget.

We offer the latest technology from all hearing aid manufacturers, as well as comprehensive hearing aid adjustment and repair services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, and Simcoe.

Arnold Hearing Centres, Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids in Kitchener-Waterloo


Small and discreet. Perfect for first-time hearing aid wearers.

Arnold Hearing Centres, Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids in Kitchener-Waterloo


The world’s most common hearing aid style. Available in standard, mini or power.

Arnold Hearing Centres, Completely-In-The-Ear Hearing Aids in Simcoe


Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing aid shows outside of the ear canal.

Arnold Hearing Centres, In-The-Canal Hearing Aids in Grey Forest


Custom fit to the ear canal while smaller portion shows in the outer ear.

Arnold Hearing Centres, In-The-Ear Hearing Aids in Kitchener-Waterloo


Custom hearing aid that fits within the outer portion of the ear.

Arnold Hearing Centres, Bluetooth Connected Hearing Aids in Simcoe

Bluetooth Connected

Allows you to connect wirelessly to a smartphone, TV or more.

Arnold Hearing Centres, Rechargeable Hearing Aids in Kitchener-Waterloo


Avoid the hassle of disposable hearing aid batteries.

Arnold Hearing Centres, Invisible Hearing Aids in Grey Forest

Invisible Products 

Rests in the second bend of the ear canal where no one can see it.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries of all sizes are available at all our locations. The size of battery is determined by the type of hearing aid you wear. We keep your information on file so you don’t need to remember when you come in. If you have dexterity issues, rechargeable hearing aids may be a solution for you.

Ask us how you can join our battery club and earn free batteries!


Sometimes hearing aids need small repairs such as changing tubes, wax guards, receivers, etc. We repair hearing aids of all makes, as well as provide hearing aid cleanings to keep them working to their full potential.

Arnold Hearing Centres, Hearing Aid Accessories in Kitchener-Waterloo


We offer accessories that allow you to connect to your favourite devices for direct sound into your hearing aids.

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