Ear Wax Removal

If you or a loved one has a problem with excess earwax production, trust Arnold Hearing Centres to help the management and removal safely and effectively.

Cerumen Management

Do you ever think about cerumen management? Sure, you do. “Cerumen” is ear wax and “management” is removal. If you’ve ever cleaned your ears, you’ve performed cerumen management.

Cerumen is the ear canal’s natural defense against dust, micro-organisms and even irritation from water. There are times, however, when cerumen becomes impacted, making it difficult for soundwaves to reach the eardrum. Most often, impacted cerumen happens because too much is produced, and someone tries to remove it improperly, pushing it further into the ear canal.

Cerumen Management, Arnold Hearing Centres
Cotton Swabs & Ear Candling, Arnold Hearing Centres

Cotton Swabs & Ear Candling

The manufacturers of cotton swabs are pretty straightforward about telling you not to put the swabs in your ears, just read the package. They're designed for cleaning outside the ear canal. Swabs can actually push cerumen further into the ear canal, causing impaction. They can even rupture the eardrum!

There are some who also believe that a special candle, inserted into the ear canal and lit at the other end, can melt ear wax or vacuum out impurities. There is no scientific evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of ear candling; in fact, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration advises against it.

How does Arnold Hearing Centres do it?

We have two methods, water irrigation, and micro-suction. After looking inside your ear, we will make the decision with you on which method to use.

With water irrigation, we start by warming the irrigation solution to body temperature. Using a controlled pressurized flow of water, we gently spray the inside of the ear canal indirectly. This way we can move the ear wax in the canal and then rinse it out, rather than push it further towards the eardrum.  We choose this method as it is safe and comfortable. 

Another method we use is called micro-suction. We use a medical vacuum aspirator with a very thin steel tip, to gently suction out the wax from your ear.

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How does Arnold Hearing do it?

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