Protecting Your Hearing in Fall

Posted Sep 30th, 2021 in Accessories, Hearing Protection, News

Fall Noise Protection

Autumn is in the air! Waking up to a nice, warm cup of coffee or tea is beginning to be less of a convenience and more of a lifesaver to beat back the chilly mornings. The trees outside may still be mostly green, but some of them are beginning to change, and soon we will see a kaleidoscope of colours, from rusty reds to bright yellows.

As the evenings get colder, we begin to ditch our lawnmowers for leaf blowers, our backyard barbecues for gatherings around the dinner table, our outdoor fireworks for indoor events like movies. Indeed, as the air outside gets colder, we begin to spend more and more time indoors.

But the world is not necessarily quieter than it is in the summer. Depending on your lifestyle, the opposite may very well be true; the lazy seasons of fall, winter, and early spring may be louder than rambunctious summer. The reason is simple: When you're outdoors, the sound is not contained in any way, so it disperses more easily into the atmosphere. When you're indoors, the ceilings, walls, and floors of rooms or buildings often send the sound bouncing back and forth. Indoor activities can make the sound seem more intense, and the sound can even be more damaging to your hearing health.

Whether you're running the leaf blower or going to the concert hall, our noise protection options offer custom noise filters to help you deal with the sound levels, whether they're uncomfortable, annoying, or even just right but potentially damaging.

To tackle discomfort and annoyance, we have sleep and comfort options to bring the sound levels down enough so they're bearable, so you can think in a crowded room or fall asleep in bed.

For industrial work, we have custom molds and plugs that protect you from factory noise, as the name implies, but it will also protect you from the sound of that leaf blower and, later in the season, a snowblower.

Rounding out the medley of cold weather hearing protection, we have a variety of custom and non-custom products. Music protects you from the pleasant but potentially damaging sounds of music at the concert hall. Whether you enjoy hunting or simply enjoy target shooting, Hunting & Shooting protects you in indoor shooting ranges as well as outdoors. And, of course, as the year gets colder, that snowmobile starts to look fun, or perhaps some ice racing might be in store. However you choose to tackle your winter fun, Motorsport has you covered.

The cool thing is that the various options protect you year-round, so you can make the most of any season while also protecting your hearing.

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