Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Posted Aug 5th, 2021 in Advice, Hearing Aids

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Each person's need for an upgrade is different, but here are three reasons you may want to consider an upgrade:

To accommodate a change in hearing

Updating to new technology may be necessary to accommodate a significant change in hearing. If you begin to notice more difficulty understanding speech, TV, or hearing in noise, your hearing may have changed. Keep in mind that age-related hearing loss does change over time. Changes in hearing are expected and hearing acuity often diminishes over time. Upgrading to more sophisticated technology can help compensate for these changes.

To accommodate a change in lifestyle

Changes in occupational requirements, living situations, and outside interests often require better or different performance from your hearing aids. Conference calls, meetings, or an increase in social activities may require more advanced technology. An active lifestyle can take you from one difficult listening situation to another. Recent advancements in mechanical algorithms help tackle one of the biggest challenges hearing aid wearers face: hearing and understanding speech well in noise. Treating your hearing loss with the most sophisticated technology available will allow you to hear well in a number of challenging environments.

To improve overall listening performance

Experienced hearing aid wearers often develop specific listening preferences. New advancements give listeners more control over hearing aid settings and functionality. For example, Starkey's Livio hearing aids and the Thrive Hearing Control App allow unique listening preferences for specific environments such as a favorite restaurant or coffee shop can be saved and easily accessed as geotagged memories. Changes in wireless technology allow you to seamlessly stream audio from your phone or other media devices directly to your hearing aids. The newest technologies even feature a specific prescription designed uniquely for music for a high-definition audio experience. Ear-to-ear technology also allows your hearing aids to make environmental decisions by communicating with each other, making listening in difficult environments more comfortable. Starkey’s industry-leading feedback technology provides stable gain without whistling, while their Surface Nano Shield technology protects hearing aids from water and oil, reducing the need for repairs.

Having an annual hearing test and discussing any changes with a professional at Arnold Hearing Centres can help you determine when an update might be necessary. We understand the available hearing aid options and can work with you to find the right technology for your hearing and your lifestyle.

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