Mild Hearing Loss is Not Insignificant

Posted Jul 29th, 2021 in Advice, Comorbidity, Comorbidity - Balance, Comorbidity - Vision, Hearing Health, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss

Mild Loss

Getting out of the house and hitting the trails in the park, strolling down the sidewalk out front, or simply taking a drive to enjoy the fresh air is what summer is all about. But does it sound like the birds aren't quite as chipper as they were last year? Does the world seem to sound less vibrant than it did before? If so, you may be noticing the very beginnings of hearing loss, which is often mild.

Mild hearing loss is actually the most prevalent kind. In fact, the World Health Organization has estimated that one in three adults over 65 in North America has mild hearing loss. But it's mild, and mild isn't so bad, right?

Not necessarily. With even mild hearing loss, speech is much more difficult to understand, because the softer consonant sounds that shape words, like h, s, and t, are lost. People often mistakenly raise their voices to be heard, rather than emphasizing those softer sounds. So, one repetition may lead to two or more. This can create a negative feedback loop. Constant repetitions are tiring, and constantly asking for such gets old. This can eventually lead to less social engagement, strained relationships, social isolation, and even depression.

One way to stave off all these negative effects is a hearing screening, like an annual eye exam for the ears. Your initial hearing test will not only determine how well you can hear now but will establish a baseline. Future hearing screenings will gauge your hearing health from that baseline.

Correcting mild hearing loss with hearing aids may be enough to avoid the negative effects of hearing loss in the near future. But, establishing that baseline hearing assessment now, with annual screenings afterward, will ensure your hearing health for years to come.

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