How the Open Road Can Harm Your Hearing

Posted Mar 11th, 2021 in Advice, Hearing Loss, Hearing Health, Hearing Protection, Travel


Everyone enjoys driving down the open road with their car windows down or sliding the top off of a convertible.  It’s relaxing and refreshing.  However, precautions should be taken to avoid harming your hearing at the same time while enjoying the wind in your hair on the open road. 

According to Better Hearing Institute, recent tests were conducted for driving different types of convertibles at highway speeds as it relates to potential harm to hearing.  The finding indicated that 80% of the cars produced noise exposure of 85 decibels, a level harmful to hearing if sustained for a lengthy period of time. 

Additionally, this sound level could be greatly amplified to much more severe levels when other external noise sources existed, such as the noises from close car and motorcycle traffic.  Also, the 85-decibel noise measurement didn’t include sounds produced within the car interior like the radio and air conditioning.  Since these external and internal sounds are usually prevalent to some degree, the noise exposure threat is usually much higher than the already harmful 85 decibels.

While we don’t suggest not enjoying a convertible ride on a nice day, we do agree with the article’s recommendation to not drive for long stretches with your convertible or windows down, especially at highway speeds.  By following these simple suggestions, one may be able to prevent exposure to harmful sounds and avoid noise-induced hearing loss difficulties in the future. 

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