Hearing Health and Food

Posted Jun 11th, 2020 in Hearing Loss, Hearing Health, Nutrition, Tips & Tricks

Food and Hearing

You hear what you eat... or something like that! That’s right, there’s a connection between proper nutrition and good hearing. Every part of your body depends, in one way or another, on what you eat and drink; it only makes sense that the parts responsible for allowing you to hear would be nutrient-dependent, too.

For instance, we all know that proper nutrition is important to the development of children. In 2018, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published some research on early nutrition and hearing. Young adults who were poorly nourished as children were found to be at twice the risk of hearing loss, compared to young adults who had experienced better childhood nutrition.

That study involved people whose poor nutrition was an ongoing issue, and who also didn’t have good access to healthcare. Still, it remains one more element in a growing body of research that says healthy eating and healthy hearing are definitely related.

Let’s take a look at some delicious ways to support hearing health!

Rockfish, Cod, Clams

These succulent, seafaring entrees are great sources of potassium, which regulates fluid levels throughout your body. That includes fluids of the inner ear that help us hear and maintain our balance.

Spinach, Okra, Asparagus

These are just a few of the many sources of folate, which has been found to help with inner-ear blood flow. From avocado, escarole and broccoli to all sorts of dark-green vegetables, you’re sure to find your own favorite folate food. Among the benefits to which folate has been connected is a reduced risk of hearing loss for older men.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, you read that right! We thought we’d slip this one right in the middle of the article for fun. Yay, chocolate! Dark chocolate provides magnesium. Partner that with vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E and you’ve got a great way help fend off noise-induced hearing loss. If you want to save the chocolate for dessert, you can find magnesium in kidney beans and chicken breast, too.

Split Peas, Navy Beans, Lentils

Zinc is in good supply with all three. Dark-meat chicken, oysters and beef are great zinc sources, as well. In addition to its well-known support of the immune system, zinc is also thought to be of help with tinnitus—also known as “ringing in the ears.”

We hope you’ll add some of the above to your meals and keep that hearing-healthy diet going all year long. There’s a lot more to learn about nutrition and hearing health, so please contact us today to learn more!

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