COVID-19 Update

Posted Mar 24th, 2020 in News, Advice, Guelph, Kitchener, Simcoe


Important Update Concerning COVID-19

Arnold Hearing Centres is temporarily closing all locations until public health deems it safe to resume business. We made this decision because of your safety, along with the safety of our staff and families. However, our team is still available to help you and can offer support and options.

How to Contact Us

We will be checking our voice mail and emails every workday. Our goal is to respond by the end of the following workday. We ask that Simcoe patients please call the Kitchener office if you're not able to email. You can also contact us through our Facebook page as well.

Kitchener - (519) 742-9494

Guelph - (519) 836-8111

Simcoe - (519) 742-9494 

Batteries and Hearing Aid Supplies

If you require hearing aid batteries, wax guards, domes, etc, we ask that you please contact us. Once we receive your information, we will reach out to you and come up with an arrangement to get you the supplies you need.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Adjustments

We understand that issues can arise with your current hearing aids and they may need to be repaired or adjusted. If so, please contact us so we can troubleshoot the issue. We will then be able to come up with a plan to help you.

Further Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about your hearing health. We're here for you.

Future Updates

Future updates can be found on our Facebook page, our blog, or by signing up for our newsletter. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can email, or go to our contact page. 

Stay Safe

We fully stand behind the 'Stay at Home' campaign. If you can, do your best to stay home and help flatten the curve. We're in this together and want to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to practice social distancing and staying at home.

Supporting Small Business

Small businesses will need as much support as possible once this is over. As we start to go back to shopping, eating out, and other activities, we ask that you please think about choosing a small business first. We love and support everyone that's kept us in business for over 70 years. We will do everything we can to help support you, and we hope that you will choose to support us as well.

We're all in this together and we look forward to seeing you when we re-open. Keep positive, stay safe, and we'll come back to a stronger community!

Thank you

-Chris & Stacey Arnold

Owners of Arnold Hearing Centres

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