5 Facts to Help You Better Understand Hearing Aids

Posted Nov 21st, 2019 in Hearing Aids, Hearing Health, Technology

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Hearing aids have been around, helping people, for a long time. But most of the people who need one still shy away from them. There are all sorts of reasons that people give, ranging from cost to simply not wanting to be seen wearing something that makes them “look old.” Whatever the reason, the fact remains that close to half a billion people worldwide have a disabling hearing loss and most of them aren’t doing anything about it. Many can’t, due to poverty, but simply choose not to act.

If you, or someone you care about, has hearing loss and isn’t seeking a solution that involves hearing aids, here are some facts about contemporary hearing aid tech that may interest you: 

They know where you’ve been.

Hearing aid tech has gotten to a point where you can store settings for a lot of different listening environments. Sometimes they have built-in, pre-selected settings optimized for common locations, like restaurants. Other hearing aids can memorize settings you program yourself. There are also devices with AutoSense technology that analyze each new listening environment, and then adjust the hearing aid to an appropriate setting. You can travel between various environments with no interruption in the quality of your hearing experience. 

They listen to the people you want to hear.

At parties or other crowded events, like trade shows, hearing can be difficult when a lot of sounds are either competing for attention or just interfering with your conversations. Ask your hearing care professional about hearing aids with microphone directionality built-in. It’s a function that lets you focus your hearing aid microphones on the person speaking to you and away from noises sneaking in from behind you.

They have sound friendships with other tech.

The same Bluetooth technology that lets you stream to a set of wireless headphones also lets you connect to devices designed to help you collect sounds and deliver them to your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. ears. For instance, if you’re in a conference room meeting at work, a sound-collection device with microphones pointed strategically around the table, can pick up each person who speaks, making sure whatever they say reaches your ears. 

They just make life easier

Those sound friendships we just mentioned are very wide-ranging. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can also be paired with smartphones, smart TVs and other devices. You can make or take smartphone calls directly from your hearing aid without touching your phone. You can also end the experience of people complaining to you about your TV volume. Leave the volume of your smart TV at a comfortable level for the room and stream the sound to hearing aid at whatever volume you need. 

They can help you stay healthy

Yes. You read that right. There are state-of-the-art hearing aids featuring tech that helps you track body and brain activity, as well as fitness goals. Communicating through Bluetooth, the data collected by the hearing aid is stored and processed using a smartphone app.

That's a small look into hearing aids as there's much more to learn about. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact us right away.

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