Can a Hearing Aid Keep You Out of the Hospital?

Posted Oct 24th, 2019 in Hearing Aids, News, Hearing Health


Reaching out for professional help and finding a solution to a hearing problem is a tried-and-true step toward better communication with the world around you. What may surprise you, is that it might also help you avoid spending time in hospitals. 

According to a recent study in a prominent American medical journal, researchers at the University of Michigan looked at the relationship of hearing technology to health care consumption and spending. Here are some interesting things they found about senior patients who reported using hearing technology: they had 2% fewer ER visits, 2% fewer hospital stays, had slightly shorter hospital stays and were found to spend less in Medicare dollars. 

There is hearing technology available today to address virtually almost any hearing issue an individual might face. And with about one-third of the world’s older adults being affected by hearing loss, it is interesting to think about how dealing with hearing loss might affect the overall physical and economic health of millions.  

The sobering information that goes along with the above positive data is this: a substantial number of people who can benefit from hearing technology, never try it. There are a number of reasons for that—personal choice, lack of knowledge and economic hardship, among them. Whatever the reason, the findings in this study described above show that increasing awareness, supporting greater access and fighting stigmas preventing people from considering hearing technology are all worth a try.
The hospital-related findings of this study shine a bit of light on another important effect hearing technology can have. In addition to helping you avoid hospitals, it can give you a much healthier emotional connection to people and other important personal aspects of your life. 

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