Helping Caregivers Identify Hearing Loss

Posted Nov 8th, 2018 in Advice, Hearing Loss, Hearing Health


In honor of National Caregivers Month this November, we are offering caregivers of all kinds a helpful list for the most common signs of hearing loss, as well as information about hearing loss treatment.

Family members are often the first to recognize that a loved one has hearing loss, but the symptoms may appear gradually and be difficult to detect.  Even professional caregivers can confuse the signs and symptoms of hearing loss with other conditions, missing opportunities for early diagnosis to minimize the long-term impact of hearing problems. 

Some of the most common indicators of hearing loss include: 

  • Turning up the volume of the television or radio
  • Problems hearing the doorbell or the telephone ringing
  • Difficulty hearing people calling from behind, or in another room
  • Asking people to repeat themselves frequently
  • Misunderstanding or "forgetting" what has been said or agreed upon
  • Cupping hands behind the ears 

A person with normal hearing can hear quiet sounds, medium sounds and loud sounds that vary from low pitch to high pitch. In speech, soft consonant sounds like T, S, and F are higher pitched than strong vowel sounds such as A, E, and I. With hearing loss, it is difficult to differentiate between these sounds, and speech becomes harder to comprehend and sounds garbled.

If you notice any of the above then it may be time to book a hearing test. At Arnold Hearing Centres we provide complimentary hearing testing and can provide home visits as well. 

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