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“Thanks Karen! Because you listen, I can hear! I feel like an important person when you work with me.”

Clark Reed, Guelph

“I feel at ease with you, and I can open up to you. I can hear everything now and before my world was nearly silent.”

Barbara Rochfort

“Congratulations on your 65th anniversary in business! The Hock family has benefited from your professional and prompt service for many of those years.  Most recently, we have been grateful for the expert care that Matt Watson has provided for a family member as she transferred through the retirement home system.  Wishing you many more years of service to the community.”

The Hock family

“Thank you for the great product you provided my wife with. Thanks for the great price, the great product and the great customer service.”

Imtiaz Y.

“I am writing this letter to thank Tristan for the amazing job he has done on my mothers hearing aid. Tristan and his Secretary Murielle have been so caring, attentive, supportive and understanding. Tristan and Murielle have changed my mothers and our lives forever. To see a smile on her face and being able to just enjoy the small things together as a family, there is no amount of thanks we can give, all we can say is this. Thank you Tristan & Murielle for giving my mom her life back and for bringing our family just a little more closer. Your company is blessed with having both of you as employees. My heartfelt thanks goes to both of you, my family and I hope you both get as much happiness in this life as you have given us.”

Melissa D.

“Been a patient for about 2 years now.  Excellent service, top notch technicians. Service A-1. Very pleased with the Arnold Hearing Centre in Simcoe.”

Russ S.

"During the past 15 years, I have had hearing aids from Arnold Hearing Aids. Acknowledging a hearing loss and receiving hearing aids was a difficult adjustment for me. This transition was made much easier but the understanding and knowledgeable staff at Arnold Bros. I have made MANY return visits for adjustments, cleaning and new products. I have always been welcomed and I have had my concerns cheerfully addressed. Thank you for your assistance and my feet will be on your doorstep in the future to receive more support!" 

Lynn C.

"We would like to say thank you to Arnold Hearing for the many years of great service and looking after the hearing needs of our mother. Your excellent advice and patience with our mother for many years even when she developed Alzheimer's was greatly appreciated."

Carol Monroe & family

“You made me feel very comfortable with the whole process of getting new hearing aids.”

Judith Van Geem

“I’m a bird watcher and between jobs I sit to enjoy the birds; now I can hear the chickadees again when I feed them every day.”

Marianne Braun

“My dad, Mike, first started here with John approximately 25+ years ago. As years passed, and dad couldn't drive anymore, I started to bring him for his appointments. The staff was always courteous and friendly, and as always, a few laughs were exchanged. After dad's passing, I became a customer with my hearing loss and continue to do so today. I enjoy coming as I'm treated the same way.” 

Mark Pastir

“It’s wonderful to be able to hear again because my grandkids are not saying “Put your hearer in Grandma!” anymore.”

Sue Meadows

“I have been a patient of Arnold's Hearing for 30+ years, and they have been very understanding and caring. I could not have had anybody more efficient. I would recommend anyone to go see them.”

Marie McMillan

"When I first thought of getting a hearing aid in 1999, my friend suggested I go to Arnold Hearing Centres in Simcoe, on Cedar Street in the Family Medical Centre. I've suggested the same to many of my friends in turn. I'm happy I came, and I haven't gone anywhere else since." 

Bud McDonald

"To Mr. Arnold, Happy retirement. You were always very kind to me and I appreciated that. Your staff in Simcoe is following in the same pattern, of being very personable and efficient. All the best.”

Dan Pearson

“I like to go where the service is tried and true. I like dealing with people who have been in business for years because they know what they are doing. And being friendly makes all the difference in the world.” 

Alexander Davison

“With the help of my ‘hearing aid assist’, I now fully enjoy live theatre again. Hearing what is being said adds pleasure and you only realize this after a hearing loss is corrected and you know what you were missing.” 

Sandra Zinger

"He was the best at his job. He was quick to find me a new hearing aid. I love him. He gave me the best service. He was the only one who took the time to find me a hearing aid that suited me. You cared enough to make sure that the H/A was the best for me. I was told by other hearing aid people that "research for hearing aids is only for older patients, not young ones. Where others failed to find me a hearing aid for my profound hearing loss, Mr. Arnold 'just knew' what I needed for my hearing loss."

Sheri-Anne Boute

"My first experience at Arnold Hearing was most rewarding. I had heard many great things about the great 'Mr. Arnold' from my daughter. On my first visit, I also learned how great he was. The maintenance service in Simcoe has been great also. We hope this business stays in business 'another 65 years'."

Gloria Brennan